What to do If a Vax vacuum cleaner stops working?

Courtesy of Vax

If your Vax vacuum cleaner stops working, there is no need to panic. However, you won’t be able to do any more vacuuming for a day. If you empty your dirt container, clear blockages in the hose and wash your filters, your Vax vacuum cleaner should be working perfectly again in twenty-four hours.

The background

According to the Vax support centre, your Vax vaccum cleaner is designed to cut out under certain circumstances. You might be relieved to learn it’s a feature, not a flaw. In normal operation, air should flow through your Vax vacuum cleaner. If air cannot flow, because of a blockage caused by debris, the safety thermal cut out will deploy and stop your vacuum cleaner from working. Although this can be annoying, the thermal cut out is a safety feature, designed to protect your Vax and you.

What to do next

Unplug your Vax for safety reasons. Vax say you should leave the machine to cool down for twenty-four hours. Meanwhile, remove the hose located at the front of your Vax. Lift out the dirt container and empty it. Take off the lid of the dirt container to allow access to the pre-motor filter. Remove the central shroud. Tap it against the inside of your bin to knock off the dust and debris. Wash it under a cold tap. Allow it to dry for twenty-four hours.

Hose check

Check the hose for blockages. If you see a blockage in your hose that is within reach, pull it out and discard it. If you see a blockage that is slightly out of reach, Vax recommends you fashion a tool from a wire coat hanger or something similar to capture the blockage. Do this with care so as not to inadvertently damage your hose.

A day later

Replace the air-dried central shroud in the dirt container. Put the pre-motor filter back in place. Return the dirt container back to the vacuum cleaner. Fit the cleared hose back in the dirt container. Plug in your vacuum cleaner. Switch on. It should be back to normal. If the problem is no better, you need to contact the Vax Careline. Telephone 0844 412 8455 in the UK. In the Republic of Ireland, the number is 1-800 928 308.

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