Ties to wear with a pinstripe suit

business man tie detail image by Ricardo Verde Costa from Fotolia.com

Pinstripe suits are a popular choice for professional men, especially those who work in finance and law. The suits are generally flattering and associated with an air of power, professionalism, high earnings and good grooming. Pinstripes are patterned suits, usually made of vertical stripes or light-coloured stitches against a dark fabric. The width of the stripes varies from very close and fine to wider and bolder vertical stripes. You must choose your ties carefully to ensure that the colour and pattern of the tie does not clash with the pattern of the pinstripe suit.


Pinstripes tend to be subtle, yet still obvious, patterns against the dark fabric of a suit. Their generally accepted use as business attire constrains the patterns and colours of ties that you can wear with them in a professional setting. Pinstripes, with their vertical stripes, tend to draw the eye and call attention to the wearer. The vertical lines are a design detail, so ties that complement the vertical lines of the suit and the shirt worn with the suit are essential. Business attire usually calls for a narrow range of sober colours, with pinstripe suits in blacks, navy and dark greys being most popular.


The choice of shirt to go with the pinstripe suit is an important consideration when choosing the tie. The pinstripe is already a bold design feature, so the shirt and tie must be sober to not clash with the stripes. The tie or the shirt needs to be plain and not patterned. If you choose a striped or lightly patterned shirt to go with the pinstripe suit, you will need to wear a plain tie.


You need to take the colour of the suit, the stripes and the accompanying shirt into consideration when choosing a tie to wear with a pinstripe suit. Choose a tie in a colour that matches the colour scheme of the outfit. If you choose a plain or patterned tie that is a close colour match to the shirt, the pinstripe suit will be more obvious and you will look well-coordinated. Alternatively, you can wear a shirt in a neutral colour and wear a tie that matches the colour of the pinstripe suit’s background colour for contrast while keeping to a colour scheme.


You will need to choose your tie patterns carefully when pairing a patterned tie with a pinstripe suit. Your pattern will have to complement the pinstripe and any pattern on the shirt. Bold, overwhelming patterns on your tie will result in a very busy-looking outfit and might not convey a professional image. Choose subtle patterns or small, diagonal stripes for best effect. Do not wear a patterned tie if you are wearing a patterned shirt with the pinstripe suit.

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