How to Repair a Hoover Optima Washing Machine

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The Hoover Optima is a front-loading washing machine available in a range of models, some of which feature a digital display that indicates at which stage of the wash cycle the machine is performing.

In the event of a problem developing with your Hoover Optima, there are a number of steps you can take to find out what is wrong, and also to remedy the situation.

Ensure that your Optima washing machine's plug is fully in the socket. If it appears to be loose, take it out and reinsert it firmly to ensure it is in position.

Check the "on/off" switch on your Optima. If it is in the "off" position, move it to "on."

Ensure that the door of your Optima washing machine is fully closed. If it is not securely in position, the wash program will not start.

Check the fuse box or breaker board to which your Optima washing machine's power socket is connected. If a fuse has blown or the trip switch has been thrown, the problem will have to be fixed before the washer will work.

Check other appliances and lights in your home. If they fail to function, your neighbourhood may be experiencing a power failure.

Check the faucet to which the fill hose is attached. If this has been left closed, open it to allow water to flow into the machine.

Ensure that the program selector knob is in the right position. The machine will not fill if this is not the case.

Run your hand along the fill hose to check for kinks. If you find a kink, straighten it out to let water flow freely to the wash drum.

Run your hand along the discharge hose to check for kinks. If you find one, straighten the hose. This will allow the water to drain away.

Open the filter flap at the bottom of the machine, and check it for blockages. Place a towel under the flap before opening, as this will absorb any water that spills out. The filter is turned counterclockwise to free it from its housing.

Check your house drain into which the washing machine discharges to ensure it is not blocked.

Check your house drain. This problem can also be caused by a blockage in it.

Inspect the gasket between the faucet and the fill hose. If it is worn, replace it and tighten both the faucet and the hose to ensure a secure connection.

Open the detergent drawer to ensure that soap deposits are not blocking the flow of water. If this is the case, give the drawer a thorough cleaning.

Ensure that you have not inadvertently selected "no spin" if your Optima Washer fails to spin the laundry.

Check that all the water has drained away. The machine will not spin until this is the case.

Make sure the transit brackets have been removed if your Optima is vibrating a great deal during the spin cycle.

Check that the machine is level if the spin cycle is causing vibration. If it is not, the problem is remedied by adjusting the washer's adjustable feet.

Ensure that the laundry is evenly distributed in the drum. Uneven distribution also causes excessive vibration during the spin.

Call the Hoover Optima service team at 800-944-9200 if any of these error codes appear in the display: 0, 1, 5, 7 or 9.

Ensure that the water supply is "on" if the machine shows "error code 2." This means there is no water fill.

Check your house drain and the drain hose if your machine reads "error code 3." This means there is no drain out.

Turn off the water supply to your machine and call the service team if the display reads "error code 4." This means it has overfilled with water.