How to Play "MapleSEA"

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"MapleSEA" is an alternate version of the popular virtual multiplayer game, "Maple Story." The "SEA" in MapleSEA represents "South East Asia", as MapleSEA itself is targeted for people living in Southeast Asia - although users living elsewhere have the option to create an account as well. MapleSEA also features special maps including Malaysia and Singapore - giving an interesting twist on the already familiar MapleStory. Playing MapleSEA is possible within minutes with Internet access and does not require buying software.

Launch your computer's default Internet browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Go to MapleSEA's official home page.

Cick "Download" from the top navigation links of the website. Choose "Full Installation" once the downloads page loads, and scroll to click the .exe install file to your computer's hard drive. Allow the file to completely download before clicking on it. Once you open the file, follow the on-screen installation instructions to get the MapleSEA client working.

Revisit the official MapleSEA home page and click "Sign Up" on the left sidebar navigation links. Click "MapleStory" under the game choices you are given and choose to "Sign Up" on the following page. Enter the username, password and character information you would like to use in MapleSEA, and register your account.

Open the recently installed MapleSEA client and enter your username and password and select "Log In" to allow to the software to connect you to various virtual worlds in MapleSEA.

Choose the channel and world you would like to visit when prompted. You will then have the ability to create your MapleSEA's first character.

Press "Create a Character" on the left side of the game client to begin making your first MapleSEA character. Pick your avatar's look, ranging from various hairstyles, clothing outfits and faces to choose from. Scroll through the different available weapons and select the ones you would like to add to your character.

Click "Choose Character" near the bottom of the window once your character creation is complete to begin playing MapleSEA live.

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