Denon DMD M10 Operating Instructions

The Denon company makes electronic products that you can use in your home, including a line of minidisc players called the DMD M10. These special audio devices are able to play minidiscs that can hold up to 80 minutes of digital music as well as record on them. The Denon DMD series is operated by a series of controls on the front panel that allow you to perform tasks such as playing, skipping tracks and recording audio.

Press the "Power" button to turn on the device. You will see an indicator light turn on and "No Disc" will be on the display. Carefully insert the mini disc you want to use into the slot on the front of the player, with the arrow on the top side facing toward the unit.

Wait for the disc to load. You will see a "Reading" message on the screen until it is ready. When it is, you will briefly see the title of the disc and then a screen showing you the number of tracks available and the total play time of the music on the disc. It is now ready for use.

Press the "Play" button to begin playing the first track on the disc. As you play the track, you will see the track name if one was programmed, along with a timer counting down how much time has elapsed. Press the "Stop" button to stop playback and the "Play" button once again to resume. Play of the next track will begin automatically.

Use the number pad on the remote control to select a track number to automatically jump to while playback is stopped. Press "Play" to begin listening to the track. Press the "Skip" forward and back buttons to move one track forward or backward. Use the "FFW" and "Rew" knob to move forward and backward on one track.

Insert a blank mini disc into the player to begin recording. Connect an external device such as a CD player to the "In" audio jack on the back of the unit. Start playing the song you want to record and press the "Rec" button to save it to the disc. Press the "Stop" button to stop and move to the next track.

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