How to Protect Resin Garden Statues From Theft

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Lighter than cast stone, resin garden statues and ornaments decorate an outdoor space and can transform an ordinary yard into a magical wonderland. However, the lightweight material is easy to move and carry, making it an easy target for thieves. While the thief who badly wants your garden art is going to find a way to take it, you can use deterrents to secure the resin statuary, or slow the robber down long enough to be noticed.

Secure resin garden statues to nearby fencing, trees or permanent fixtures, using chains and padlocks to prevent thieves from walking away with your possessions. Loop a heavy-duty chain through any openings in the statue and around the desired fixture, and attach a padlock through the ends of the chain to keep it in place.

Install motion-activated intruder lighting around your garden, walkways and porch. This type of lighting turns on automatically as soon as someone enters a specific area, surprising the intruder and causing him to flee. Install a sensor at the entrance to your yard to activate the lighting system when you are away or when activity in your garden is limited.

Weight resin statues in place with concrete bases so they are difficult to move. Prepare ready-mix concrete mix in a bucket large enough to accommodate the base of the statue. Stand the statue in the concrete mix before it dries. Once it's cured, paint the bucket to match the base of the statue, hide it in the back of a garden bed or simply bury it so it appears as if the statue is placed on the soil.

Fence your garden to prevent chances of theft. Although determined thieves may jump fences, it will take them longer to carry off resin statues, thus increasing the chances of being caught in case you notice them. Fences also prevent outsiders from viewing the contents of your garden, reducing theft. Install a 6- to 8-foot-high fence that makes it difficult to climb or jump over. Alternatively, install electric fencing, or grow tall and prickly bushes to deter thieves.

Place home security and "Beware of Dog" signs around your property to deter potential thieves. Place the signs near outdoor lighting for easy viewing. This will help to discourage thieves from stealing the art for fear of a sophisticated security system or ferocious canine.

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