How to Change a Light Bulb in a Hanging Ball Light Fixture

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Hanging ball light fixtures became popular in the mid-twentieth century and continue to be in use today. While the globe or ball lights provide a sleek look, they can pose a slight challenge when it is time to change the light bulb. This is particularly true if the fixture is mounted on a high ceiling, making it more hazardous to change the light bulb. However, you can learn to safely change the light bulb in a hanging ball ight fixture.

Cut the power to the light fixture at the breaker panel or fuse box. Wait until the light is cool to the touch to proceed.

Climb to a position on the ladder so that you can see the top of the light ball or globe. Examine it to determine how the globe or ball is affixed to the light fixture. Look for small screws or clips that are holding the globe in place. If you don't see any, try unscrewing the globe from the rest of the light fixture. Keep one hand under the globe so that it doesn't fall when it comes loose from the fixture. Remove the globe and hand it to the other person or set it safely out of the way.

Unscrew the old light bulb by holding it close to the base and turning it gently counterclockwise. Remove the bulb and hand it to the other person or set it aside for disposal.

Insert the new light bulb by screwing it into the light fixture clockwise. Do not force the bulb or over-tighten it or you may break the bulb off in your hand.

Reattach the ball or globe covering by screwing it back into the fixture, tightening the screws or sliding the latches back into place. If the fixture uses small screws to hold the globe in place, be sure all the screws are correctly positioned against the lip of the globe or ball before you begin screwing them in place. Alternate between tightening the screws so that the ball is held in place firmly at each screw location.

Restore power to the light fixture and turn it on.

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