How can I create a stick figure in visio?

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The Microsoft program, Visio, creates flowcharts and diagrams consisting of shapes, text, hyperlinks and arrows. The program includes a number of basic and complex shapes from a simple circle to a stick figure. If you wish to create an original stick figure, connect several shapes until they resemble a human figure.

If you prefer the program's original shapes, add the stick figure shape to your drawing.

Open Visio and click on the "New File" button.

Click on the "Open Template" button and scroll to "Diagram."

Look through the "Shapes" window and left-click on a circular shape. Drag the shape into the centre of the diagram and release the mouse button.

Resize the shape, if desired. Click on the bottom corner of the shape until a green box appears. Drag the bottom corner of the green box inward to shrink the shape. Drag it outward to increase the size of the shape.

Connect the circular shape to a long, oval or rectangle. Click on the "Connector" tool and left-click on the oval or rectangle. Drag the oval or rectangle under the circle. Release the mouse button.

Click on the "Connector" tool then on a long, vertical rectangle. Drag and drop the rectangle so it rests on the bottom-right corner of the torso. Add another rectangle on the bottom-left corner of the torso.

Add the automatic stick figure to a diagram or flow chart. Click inside the "Search" bar and enter "People." Left-click on the "People" shape and drag it onto the diagram or flowchart.