How to Get Rid of Cigarette Burn Marks on Fabric

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Burning cigarette ashes are capable of scorching fabric fibres and producing dark burn marks on fabric. These burn marks generally result from carelessly flicking cigarette ashes or failure to use an ashtray. Since heat weakens and chars fabric fibres, burns from cigarettes can sometimes cause permanent damage. Mild charring on fabric is generally reparable, but fabric containing actual burn holes is not. Remove minor cigarette burn marks from fabric using common household materials.

Brush the burn marks gently with a clothes brush to detach charred material. Remove as much charred material as possible.

Coat the burn marks with liquid washing powder. Rub the detergent into the burnt fabric to dissolve any burnt material. Washing powder also acts as a pretreatment.

Launder the burnt fabric with 59.1ml. of liquid washing powder. Abide by the particular fabric's care label for the appropriate water setting and washing cycle.

Examine the fabric for remaining burn marks. If the burn marks persist, launder the fabric with 56.7gr. of oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach, depending on the colour of fabric. Coloured fabric requires oxygen bleach, while chlorine bleach works best on whites. Use the exact water setting and washing cycle as previously.

Lay or hang the fabric to air-dry. Any remaining burn marks in the fabric are permanent.

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