Alba MP3 Troubleshoot

Alba manufactures a line of MP3 players mostly available in Britain; however, you can order one online. They are ultra-small, meaning greater portability than your average MP3 player but less storage for songs. Most Alba MP3 players store between 2-4 gigabytes of music, translating to about 1,000 songs total. If you are having problems with the MP3 player, troubleshooting can be done quickly.

Update your Alba to make sure you have the appropriate driver, the software automatically installed on the MP3 player so it syncs with your computer's media player. Any problem with the software can be corrected quickly by downloading a new driver for free from a website (see Resources).

Make sure the included data cable is plugged securely into the port at the end of the MP3 player, as well as an available USB port on your computer. A bad connection could be the reason your MP3 player isn't functioning properly.

Click the device icon on your computer's desktop or in your media player window. Check the information to see how many songs are downloaded. If the MP3 player isn't allowing you to transfer songs, it could be because the player is already at full capacity.

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