How to Tune the HW90 Air Rifle

The HW90, manufactured by Weihrauch, is an air rife that uses a gas spring in place of a traditional metal spring. The HW90 improves field accuracy due to its short lock time, which gives users less time to yank when the trigger is being pulled.

As with other air rifles, the HW90 air rifle requires routine maintenance and tuning to keep it shooting accurately. HW90 owners can do this themselves and keep their air rifles in top shape.

Unload the HW90 air rifle and leave it uncocked.

Place a cleaning pad into the end of the barrel and push it through with the cleaning rod and pull it back out. Spray a clean cleaning pad with a light degreaser and push it through with the cleaning rod and back out. Then, repeat two to three times, using a clean pad each time.

Rub down the outside of the barrel with two drops of synthetic cylinder oil applied on the lint-free cloth.

Spray gun oil over the entire air rifle and rub it in with a clean, lint-free cloth to remove rust and prevent rusting in the future.