How to Do French Symbols on a Keyboard

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Special symbols are used to indicate the correct pronunciation of French words. Most of the word processing applications support French symbols. Insert these symbols into the documents using the various preconfigured key combinations.

You can easily type French words with "Alt" codes by pressing the "Alt" key and a specific numeric code. Make sure to use the numeric keypad and not the numeric keys on top of the keyboard.

Enable the "Num Lock" on the keyboard attached to your computer.

Launch a word processing application such as WordPad or Microsoft Word.

Press and hold the "Alt" key and enter the four-digit numeric code to display the relevant symbol for that code. For instance, press and hold the "Alt" key and enter "0220" to insert the "Ü" symbol. Press "Alt" plus "133" to insert "à" and "Alt" plus "0192" to insert "À." Similarly, press "Alt" plus "136" to insert "ê" and "Alt" plus "0202" to insert "Ê." Consult the Alt-Codes website for a full list of keystroke combinations for French symbols (see References).