How to Hack "Pokemon" GBA ROMs

A Pokemon ROM allows you to play a Pokemon game on your computer using an emulator. If you have played a Pokemon game for a while and find it too boring or too difficult, you can use the hack program Pokemon Amplifier to change settings in the game. This program allows you to alter the elemental type of a specific Pokemon, the moves which it learns and the level at which it learns these specific moves. This can be used to help make the game easier for you or just make it a bit more fun.

Open up your Internet browser and go to Wahack Pokemon, Filestube or Media Fire.

Click on the "Download" button to download the Pokemon Amplifier file to your computer.

Right-click on the downloaded .zip file and select "Extract to." Select a location on your computer where you want to extract the file.

Open up the extracted file and select "Pokemon Amplifier" to load the program.

Select "File" and "Load ROM." Select the Pokemon ROM on your computer that you would like to hack. Press the "Open" button to load the ROM information.

Click on the "Choose a Pokemon" drop-down menu and select a Pokemon that you would like to hack. Click on one of the statistics on the left side of the window and alter the number to change the Pokemon's attack, defence, speed or special attack statistics. The higher the number, the better the statistics will be.

Click on the elemental type drop-down menu below the statistics and select a new element for your Pokemon.

Click on "Evo-Nr" and select how many times you would like the Pokemon to evolve. Select how you would like the Pokemon to evolve and at what level the evolution will take place.

Click on "Level" and select the level you would like the Pokemon to learn a specific move. Click on the "Attach" drop-down menu and select the move you would like the Pokemon to learn. Click on the "Next Attack" button to alter a move that the Pokemon learns at a higher level.

Click on the "File" button and select "Save ROM." This will save the hacked ROM so that you can now play it with the hacks added.

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