Installation Instructions for an Alpine 3522S Amplifier

Alpine is an American manufacturer of state-of-the art car audio systems including stereos, speakers and amplifiers. Amplifiers help boost signal strength and power to your car speakers.

The Alpine 3522S amplifier is an older model amp, but with a 30-watts x 2 RMS rating, it still can still deliver a kick to your sound system. The installation procedure for it is comparable to later model Alpine amplifiers.

Open the bonnet of your vehicle and use a wrench or socket set to remove the negative battery cable as a precaution against electrical shorts while working on the stereo equipment.

Select the location inside your boot or back seat where you will install the amp, and set the amp down. Mark and drill four holes in the mounting location that correspond to the four mounting holes on the amp.

Remove the plastic caps on the self-tapping screws using the hex wrench and insert these screws through the mounting holes on the amp. Install the self-tapping screws using a screwdriver and replace the plastic caps.

Drill another hole away from the amp on metal that's attached to the vehicle body, and connect the ground wire to the metal firmly with a screw.

Connect one end of the power wire to the positive battery cable using a wrench. Run the wire through the engine compartment heat shield and under the floor carpeting to the lower bottom of the passenger seat. Continue the wiring run past the back seat and into the boot, or where the amp is mounted.

Connect the RCA cables running from the amp into RCA extension cables, run these cables to the stereo receiver and plug them into the receiver, matching the colours, red, white and yellow.

Run all speaker wires to the back of the amp. Use the wire strippers to strip the ends of all speaker wires approximately one inch. Insert the negative and positive ends of each speaker wire into the corresponding speaker jack holes on the back of the amplifier.