How to Change a Blade Clockwise for a Stihl Cutoff Saw

A Sthil cut-off saw is an invaluable tool for any home building, renovation or repair project. It is a tool with a round cutting wheel that you can use to cut wood, tile and just about any other material. However, different materials require different cutting wheels.

Therefore, you must have an understanding of how to remove the clockwise spinning wheel and replace it with a wheel designed for different materials.

Place the slide control on "0" to turn off the saw. The saw must be off when replacing the cutting wheel for safety reasons.

Hold the saw so the cutting wheel faces away from you. Locate the locking pin on the right side belt guard. Press in on the pin and turn the shaft with a combination wrench until the pin locks the shaft in place.

Loosen the hexagon bolt head on the left side of the saw blade with your combination wrench.

Remove the thrust washer and the cutting wheel from the saw.

Slide the new cutting wheel onto the saw, then place the thrust washer onto the shaft.

Tighten the hexagon nut with the combination wrench.

Pull the locking pin out of the belt guard.