How to Make a Birch Rod

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Traditionally, a birch rod is a grouping of birch twigs bundled together and used for punishing people by striking them. Today, a birch rod could be a conversation piece used for decorating a home or as a costume piece or a period correct costume. It will not take you long to assemble your birch rod.

In fact, it will likely take you longer to search for the appropriate amount of birch twigs.

Gather 20 to 25 birch tree twigs that measure approximately 24 inches in length each. If necessary, use pruning scissors to cut the twigs off the tree.

Bundle the twigs together with all of the cut ends at one end and the thinner ends at the other.

Measure up from the bottom of the cut ends and tie a leather string tightly around the twigs to hold them together. Spiral the remaining portion of the leather strap up the twig until you are approximately at the 15-inch mark from the bottom. Tie the leather strip at that location.

Fan the loose ends of the bundle out with your fingers to spread the twigs apart.