How to Troubleshoot a Triton Power Shower

Triton is a British company that makes various shower systems, including electric showers. The power shower is one Triton product that regulates the water temperature and provides a high water-flow rate for people who prefer a stronger shower. The power shower uses an electric pump to create the flow while a thermostat controls the temperature. It is important to use a qualified technician to install the shower, but minor performance problems can be fixed without calling for help.

Turn the temperature control dial clockwise if the water from the shower is too hot. Remove the filters and clean them out, as well.

Turn the temperature control dial counterclockwise if the water is too cold. Turn off the shower and wait several minutes for the hot water cylinder to heat up again if turning the dial doesn't work.

Replace the fuse or reset your circuit breaker if the pump has no power. Check other appliances in the house to ensure the problem is only with the shower pump. Leave the pump alone to cool and reset itself if you think it has overheated.

Clean any debris out of the shower head and clean out the filters if the water flow seems less than normal.

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