How to Make an Egg Look Like an Astronaut

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Introductory projects and lessons in science education can often involve creative arts and crafts. An egg can be decorated to look like an astronaut for projects involving gravity and space, with only a few supplies and simple steps.

Cut out one individual egg container from your egg carton, and place your egg in the cup. Use a number of pipe cleaners and tissue paper to weave a firm basket or nest around the base of the egg. This will be the astronaut's torso. Once the basket is complete, cover it in long strips of aluminium foil, elongating and supporting the frame as needed.

Braid three to four pipe cleaners together to create the arms, which can be wrapped around the torso and hot glued to the sides. You can create legs the same way, but you will need something sturdy to support the weight of the frame. Cut a toilet paper roll, lengthwise, into two equal pieces. You can then cut the rolls into several different lengths, tightly wrap the cardboard strips at key points on the legs, and tape them, to provide support. Pad the legs with tissue paper and cover them with foil to complete the astronaut suit.

Attach feet to the legs, once the legs are sturdy, to help the astronaut stand independently. Whatever the material, the feet should be long, large and weighted, to provide balance and support to the astronaut. Hot glue the feet directly to the legs, then reinforce the feet by wrapping them in tin foil. This process can take some trial and error to get just right, but pays off with persistence.

Add a dome to your astronaut suit by cutting and gluing together a clear, rounded, beverage top or other small lid and taping it down on top of the egg astronaut. Rounded plastic coffee lids can be cut horizontally, making them small, but retaining their shape, to make a size that fits over the egg. If you cannot get a good fit, try cutting the lid vertically, into two pieces, placing each end over the egg, wedging them together, and using invisible tape to make them stick. Decorate your astronaut's face and suit as needed, adding a flag or golf club for accessories.

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