How to Sew a Tent or Marquee

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Make a little shade at your next block party by sewing your own tent. Party tents, or marquees, are open-walled tents meant to provide shade for party guests and workers. While there are plenty of companies that rent party tents, it is much more economical to make your own if you plan on using it often.

Measure the area of your yard where you want to place the party tent. Write down the exact measurements.

Go to a hardware store and purchase the necessary PVC pipes to form your desired shape, along with additional pipes for building a higher roof if desired.

Construct your PVC skeleton for the tent and measure the distances for the roof. Add 6 inches to all edges for sewing sliding pockets.

Purchase the necessary fabric from a fabric store, or better yet, from a fabric clearance house.

Press the edges around the tent in by 1/4-inch and sew all the way around.

Press the edges again, folding 3 inches inward. Sew along the ends, staying as close as possible to the inside edges of the fabric.

Feed the PVC pipes through the fabric and place the joints on the ends.

Add the legs and you have your tent ready to enjoy.