How to Use a Prayer Jar

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A prayer jar is a simple object that can serve as a daily reminder to pray. It can be filled with special prayer requests and can be used by an individual, or filled with an entire families' prayers. They are very useful in teaching children to pray and in creating a daily prayer time for families.

Find a jar or vase that can be used for the prayer jar. A glass jar or empty peanut butter jar both work well. Decorate or label your jar if desired.

Write prayer requests, or individuals to pray for, on small slips of paper and place inside the prayer jar. Each family member can have his or her own prayer jar, or family members can place prayer requests into one jar.

Draw a prayer request from the jar daily and spend time praying for that request. This provides an opportunity for families to pray together and allows parents to model prayer for young children.

Paper clip together requests that have been prayed for and place at the bottom of the jar. After all requests have been prayed for, mix them up and begin again.