How to keep rolling tobacco moist

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Rather than purchasing ready-made cigarettes, some smokers choose to make their own by rolling loose tobacco into small pieces of paper. Rolling cigarettes is often more cost effective than purchasing them ready-made. To save even more, some smokers choose to purchase loose tobacco in bulk, rather than in small packages. While bulk tobacco is more economical, storing it can be challenging. One of the most common challenges associated with storing loose tobacco involves keeping it moist. Fortunately, there is an easy way to store your bulk rolling tobacco.

Place a clean plate or tray onto a work surface and open your package of tobacco. Separate your loose tobacco into piles on the plate or tray. Each pile should be the approximate amount needed for 10 cigarettes.

Put each pile into an individual self-sealing storage bag. Force as much air as possible out of each bag by squeezing it with your hand before sealing it.

After sealing all bags, place them into a refrigerator and use as needed.

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