How to adjust a cigarette rolling machine

cigarette image by Anthony CALVO from

Smoking aficionados commonly use cigarette or tobacco rolling machines. The machines provide a quick and perfect hand-rolled cigarette. The vast majority of cigarette rolling machines can only be adjusted by the amount of tobacco the user inserts into the machine.

More tobacco will create a fatter cigarette, and less tobacco will create a thinner cigarette. Regardless of the diameter, the machine will roll a perfectly cylindrical cigarette.

Purchase loose rolling tobacco. Ensure that the tobacco is for "cigarettes" and not pipes. Pipe tobacco is stronger and generally not inhaled into the lungs, while cigarette tobacco is lighter and can be inhaled.

Purchase cigarette rolling paper. Match the size of the paper to the size of the rolling machine.

Load the rolling paper into the rolling machine. Make sure the glue side is up and at the top of the machine. Gently wet the glue with your tongue. Ensure the paper is flush with the rolling machine and has no wrinkles.

Load the tobacco into the rolling machine. This is where the smoker can adjust the machine. Each smoker has a general preference of how thick he likes his cigarettes. Load up tobacco evenly into the machine; even it out with a finger so it is in a uniformed flat cylindrical shape. Use less tobacco for a thin roll. Add more tobacco for a more robust roll.

Press the plunger on the machine to roll the cigarette. A perfectly rolled cigarette will pop out.