How to Sync Outlook Calendar With Google Calendar in Windows Images

Syncing your Google calendar with your Outlook calendar allows you to manage both calendars from one location. This also enables you to simultaneously check both calendars so that you can keep two different sets of calendars but manage them as one.

Syncing your calendars requires Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP, and Microsoft Outlook 2003 or higher.

Download and install the Google Calendar Sync program from Save the file to your computer and follow the installation wizard's on-screen instructions to install the software.

Open Google Calendar Sync if it does not automatically open after installation. Type in your Gmail address and password into the appropriate fields on the screen.

Choose the sync options that best suit your needs. You can choose to sync in one direction, so that your Google calendar information is also saved in Outlook, or that your Outlook information is also saved in your Google calendar. You could also set the options to sync both ways, so that the information saved in one calendar is synced with the other calendar.

Set the sync interval by putting a number of minutes into the bottom line of the screen. You must choose a value greater than 10 minutes.

Save your settings by hitting "Save," and begin using your Google Calendar Sync.