How to Make Rounded Cuts in Paving Stones

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Paving stones are versatile building materials that are used to construct outdoor pathways, patios, flower borders and a variety of other projects. Almost every project using paving stones requires that they be cut to fit in the allotted space. Cutting curves in the stones may seem tricky, but is similar to making a straight cut. As with all cutting projects, the most important part is to determine at which point to cut the paving stones.

Lay the paving stones in the desired location even if the ones that need to be cut extend outside of the allotted area.

Lay a garden hose on top of the paving stones in the exact location where you want the curves to be.

Walk to one end of the hose and place a piece of chalk directly next to the outside of it. Draw a continuous line all the way to the other end of the hose to indicate where the curves must be cut on the paving stones.

Move the garden hose off the pavers and make sure that the chalk line is clearly visible.

Install a diamond-tipped cutting blade into a cut-off saw. Put on a dust mask and safety glasses and turn the saw on.

Leave the pavers in place on the ground and move the blade of the cuttoff saw away from you as you cut through the chalk line on the pavers. Continue cutting until you reach the end of the chalk line.

Cut off the saw and remove the dust mask and safety glasses. Pick up the excess pieces of the paving stones and discard them.

Spray the surface of the paving stones with water from the garden hose to remove any remaining chalk marks.

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