How to Fly a Hydra on a Mac

"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" contains a number of unique vehicles that can be driven or flown around the open world map. Some are purely for novelty reasons, others have a practical application, such as the Hydra Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL ) jet. It includes a number of high-end weapons, such as guided missiles that will make attacks on heavily guarded locations much easier. Flying the Hydra can appear tricky when you first approach it, but with an understanding of the controls, it's no different from a plane or helicopter.

Complete the first "Mansion Mission" at the house in Mulholland, called "A House in the Hills." Immediately after it, is one called "Vertical Bird." You will be sent to steal the Hydra from an aircraft carrier docked in the Easter Basin. You will pick up a selection of weapons from a nearby boat, then make your way to the carrier, swimming through the bow doors before they close. Work your way through the boat, disabling the SAM sites marked on the map. Heading up to the flight deck, where you will find the Hydra.

Approach the Hydra's cockpit and press the "Enter" key to hijack it. As it first takes off, the Hydra will be in VTOL mode and will behave exactly like a helicopter. Use the "W" key to increase thrust and lift off; the "S" key will decrease thrust and descend; the "Q" and "E" keys control the rudder and will cause you to rotate left and right. The "2' key raises and lowers the landing gear, which makes a big difference to the plane's handling.

Switch to Forward thrust mode by using the number pad. The "8" and "2" keys act as up and down controls for the thrusters. Press "Up" to angle the thrusters backward, engaging jet flight mode. Here, you control the direction of the plane by pointing the nose in the relevant direction. Use the arrow up and down keys to control altitude, noting that they are reversed, so press down to gain height and vice versa. The left and right arrows control the plane's yaw.

Slow down and use the number pad to angle the jet's thrusters downward to return to VTOL and land. Slow to a hover and used the "W," "A,""S," "D" keys to line up over your landing spot, then slowly decrease thrust until you touch down.

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