How to Dilute Compound W

Warts are not a health issue that most people want to deal with. A wart can be unsightly and uncomfortable if it's in the wrong place, such as between your fingers. Compound W is a wart remover product that comes in various forms. The active ingredient in Compound W is salicylic acid, which is a strong agent that can be too harsh on sensitive skin or sensitive areas. When using the liquid form of Compound W, you have the option of diluting it with plain water.

Remove the cap of the liquid Compound W, and pour a few teaspoons into a separate bowl.

Add water to the bowl to dilute the Compound W. For now, use a ratio of about one part water and two parts Compound W.

Use the brush that's attached to the lid for the Compound W bottle to stir the diluted solution.

Apply the diluted Compound W to your wart. Brush on a generous amount. Wait for it to dry completely.

Continue adding diluted Compound W to the wart each day for a period of about 12 weeks. Stop the application process if the wart is removed. If the wart is not gone after 12 weeks, you may have diluted the Compound W too much. Try adding a little less water to dilute and reapply the Compound W. If the wart remains after an additional 12 weeks, consult with your doctor to find a wart remover that does not contain salicylic acid.

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