How to Convert Northing/Easting Coordinates to Longitude/Latitude

Northing/easting and longitude/latitude are two different ways of expressing geographical coordinates. If need be, however, the value from northing/easting can be converted to longitude/latitude, and vice versa. A number of online converters are available to assist you with the conversion.

Navigate to the conversion calculator on the Engineering Toolbox website (see Resources). Enter the value of the northing and easting in the respective fields and select the zone. The UTM system on which the northing and easting are based comprises 60 zones for different geographical locations around the world. Hit the "Enter" key to get the results.

Navigate to the RCN Utilities & Tools website (see Resources). Enter the zone, northing and easting in the "UTM" table, then click "Convert UTM" to get the results.

Navigate to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's online conversion calculator (see Resources). Enter the respective values in the "E" and "N" text fields, which represent the easting and northing, respectively. Select the zone from the drop-down list. Click the "UTM to LL" button to get the results.