How to lighten a mustache for women

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Many women possess facial hair above their upper lips. Often this hair is unwanted, especially if it is dark. If you have what is sometimes referred to as a "female moustache," you can lighten it to make it less noticeable. This is an effective alternative to waxing, which can be considerably painful for some women. Whereas waxing completely removes the hair by pulling out it by the roots, lightening simply allows it to blend with your skin tone.

Open a hair-bleaching kit and mix according to the package instructions. Most home bleach kits consist of a powder and a cream that you must mix together in a specific proportion.The kits usually have a plastic spatula and palette, however, you can mix the substances on a paper plate using a cotton swab.

Apply the bleach mixture to your upper lip. Cover the entire area that you want to lighten and allow the mixture to remain on your face for the length of time specified by the package instructions, usually about 10 minutes.

Remove the bleach mixture from your face using the spatula, a cotton swab or a damp cloth. Rinse your face clean.

Apply a moisturiser to your upper lip. Some bleach kits include a moisturiser for post-bleach treatment.

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