How to Make a Mac Studio Fix Fluid Last Longer

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Mac Studio Fix fluid is a long-lasting foundation that smooths and evens out skin tone. The Mac brand is used by make-up artists because of the colour choices, pigmentation and durability. Mac Studio Fix foundation contains SPF 15 to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The fluid is said to last for up to eight hours, but that depends on your skin type. Generally, foundation make-up lasts longer on dry skin. But you can make Mac Studio Fix fluid last longer.

Apply an oil-free primer to the skin. Use a primer suited to your skin type. A light, cream primer is best. Put the primer on two of your fingers and dab onto the skin. Focus on the chin, forehead and nose. The primer creates a smooth base for the Mac Studio Fix foundation and keeps it from fading by adhering it better to the skin. After applying the primer, let it sit for five minutes before applying foundation.

Put a moderate amount of Mac Studio Fix foundation on a make-up sponge. Stipple the foundation onto the face using the sponge. To stipple, bounce the sponge off the skin so as to press it into the pores. Focus on the chin, nose and forehead. After stippling, use the sponge to smooth the foundation over the entire face using long, smooth strokes.

Dust loose face powder on the face using a large make-up brush. If possible, use a loose powder that is also made by Mac.

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