How to Delete Songs on Spotify

Spotify is a music service and program that combines streaming and your music library to enhance your listening experience. Music purchased as part of a download bundle is stored in your Spotify library as MP3s, and is permanently saved in the Spotify program.

If you wish to remove purchased songs, you can do so through the program's library to remove it from your local library. Once removed, local files no longer appear in your library, and cannot be played if they were previously added to a playlist in Spotify.

Double-click "Spotify" on your desktop to launch the application and click "Home" in the left side menu in the upper-left corner of the program.

Click the song you wish to delete in the Spotify song list and press "Delete" on your keyboard.

Click "Delete" to confirm the removal of the local file.

Click the playlist's name in the left side menu of the program and highlight the previously deleted song. Click "Delete" on your keyboard to remove the song from the playlist.