How to Make Straw Curtains

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Beaded curtains offer elegance and privacy while still allowing natural light to filter between the bead strands. Making your own curtains gives you the opportunity to completely personalise your decor These curtains may be neon, hippie-style curtains or take on a bohemian look with plenty of earth tones. The best part about beaded curtains is the expense -- or lack of it. If you have extra drinking straws from your last big blowout, you have plenty of fodder for beaded curtains.

Spread out your straws and examine the colours. Decide whether you like the straw's current colours or not. Many straws come in neon colours and stripes, perfect for a teen's room or dorm room, but not so great for a more adult atmosphere.

Spray-paint the straws, if desired, with the colours of your choice. Match the colours to accent colours in your decor, separating the straws into several groups for the purpose. The more straws you have, the more colours you can use.

Let the straws dry overnight. Snip them into pieces about 1 inch long, keeping them separated by colour.

String the straw beads, along with plastic pony beads, onto pieces of fishing line the same length as your window or doorway. Since straw beads alone would fall into each other and look messy, you need pony beads to help the straws stay straight. Match the pony beads' style to that of the straws.

Tie knots in either end of each string of fishing line to keep the beads in place.

Smear a strip of cardboard (matching the width of your window or door frame) with superglue. Press the fishing line at the top of each bead string into the glue and press a second piece of cardboard on top. Let the glue dry overnight.

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