How to convert depositfiles to direct link Images

DepositFIles is a popular file hosting site. It offers a range of services based on a user's membership status. Free members can store their files on the site for an unlimited amount of time. Files up to two gigabytes can be uploaded. Files can also be password-protected and automatically deleted after a set period of time. A downside for free users is that DepositFiles does not provide direct links for download. The user is given a link that first directs them to DepositFiles, where they must wait a specified amount of time for their link to become active.

Open the Web browser and navigate to the SaveFrom website.

Click on "User Tools" from the row of links at the top of the page. Scroll down to the "Installation" section.

Locate the link for the specific browser. Click on the link and download the plugin.

Double-click on the plug-in installer and follow the on-screen steps for installation.

Restart the Web browser. Navigate to the DepositFiles link. Click on the green arrow next to the DepositFiles link. This is the SaveFrom arrow. A direct link for the file is now copied to the clipboard.

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