Adobe Photoshop CS3 Manga & Anime Tutorials

If you're struggling with creating manga using traditional media but enjoy using Photoshop, this program may help you break through your artist's block. Essential Photoshop tools for creating manga includes the "Brush preset picker," which lets you shape brushes to achieve the visual style characteristic of manga. Photoshop's "Animation" window lets you make frames on which to draw anime. Note that you're not confined to using Photoshop's digital brushes to create this artform. If you use the program's path tools, you can scale the graphics you create to any size with no loss of quality. CS3's paths are easier to see than those in previous versions.

Clicks the "File" menu's "New" command, then click "OK" to create a new canvas for drawing manga.

Press "D" to return the foreground and background colours to the defaults of black and white, then click the tool palette's paintbrush icon to enter painting mode.

Click the second drop-down control above the canvas to open the "Brush preset" window, then drag the "Hardness" slider all the way to the right. This action allows you to create the sharp, high contrast lines characteristic of manga.

Drag on the canvas to create a line drawing of a figure with a heart-shaped head, large eyes and slender body. Refer to existing mange characters as needed, such as those on MangaStream, MangaFox and

Click the upper colour swatch from the bottom of the tool palette, then click a colour with which you want to fill one of the shapes in the figure you just drew. For example, if you want to make a red shirt, click a red hue from the colour palette.

Click the paint bucket icon from the tool palette to run the tool for filling shapes, then click on the shape you want to fill. Photoshop will fill the shape you clicked.

Repeat the previous two steps for the remaining shapes in your figure to complete the figure.

Click the "File" menu's "New" command, then click the "Web" item from the "Presets" list. Click "OK" to make a new canvas for drawing anime.

Click the paintbrush icon from the tool palette to run the "Paintbrush" tool, then drag on the canvas to create a background for the animation.

Click the "Window" menu's "Animation" item to show the animation window, then click this window's page icon to create a new frame. Use the steps in the previous section to draw a manga figure on the frame.

Click the "Animation" window's page icon to make another animation frame. Drag the mouse to make a new figure slightly different from that of the previous frame, which Photoshop keeps visible by default to help you draw the current frame.

Click the eye icon for the "Frame 2" item to make that frame invisible. Use the instructions from the previous step and this step to create the remaining frames for the animation.

Click the "File" menu's "Save for Web" command, then click the "GIF" item from the dialogue box's second highest drop-down box. Click "Save" to save the animation.

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the GIF you just saved, then right-click the file. Click "Open with," then click a Web browser to open and display your animation.

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