How to Get Rid of a Dormouse

The dormouse is a small rodent that is native to Eurasia, Japan and Africa. The name dormouse is used in reference to any of 27 different small-bodied rodents belonging to the Myoxidae family. Dormice are predominantly nocturnal creatures who spend approximately three quarters of their lives sleeping. Dormice feast on fruit, nuts, insects, spiders, bird eggs and nestlings, and small rodents, including other dormice. While dormice may help to keep the insect population down, they can be an annoyance if they get into your home.

Purchase a humane rat trap from your local hardware store or contact a pest control company to rent one.

Place treats inside that dormice like to eat, such as nuts, dried fruit or apple slices.

Set the trap as per the manufacturer's instructions for the humane trap. Dormice can live behind the walls of your home, in the attic or cellar and can migrate throughout the home following food sources.Set the trap in a place that the dormice are likely to take notice, such as in the attic or cellar where they are dwelling.

Check your trap consistently for dormice and to ensure the bait is still present. Once you catch a live dormouse, take the trap and dormouse out of the house to another location.

Release the dormouse back into the wild. The dormouse does not have to be taken far. A wooded area nearby is sufficient, as dormice are very sensitive to small changes in their environment. You should, however, ensure that you have eliminated the point of entrance by eliminating any small holes that they can enter your home by and removing any potential food sources that may be attracting them around your home (for example, bird feeders with nuts/seeds).

Spray down your trap with water before using again.

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