How to thank your veterinarian for their kindness

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It is always appropriate to thank a veterinarian for providing excellent services and kindness to your pet. A simple thank-you note is often enough. Thank-you notes are quick to write, inexpensive and can be mailed right away so your thank you is not delayed. You can certainly include a small gift with your thank-you note as well. Appropriate thank-you gifts might include a small, cheerful bouquet of flowers to be displayed in the vet's office or a homemade treat such as cookies or fudge. You can also make a donation to local animal shelter in your vet's name as a thank you.

Begin your thank-you note with a proper salutation. When writing to a veterinarian use the formal title of "Dr." followed by the vet's last name. "Dear Dr. Smith" is an appropriate salutation. Address your vet by his first name only if you know him well enough to do so. For example, if you know your vet socially outside of his office setting or if you and your pets have been patients for so long that you're on a first-name basis. Otherwise, stick with a formal and professional greeting.

Thank your vet in your first sentence for the specific aid she provided to your pet. Use your pet's name as well. For example, "Thank you for taking such good care of Sparky when he cut his paw last week." You can follow this sentence with a brief description of what the quality of care meant to you and your family. "Sparky has been a member of our family for 10 years, and it gives us peace of mind to know he is always in good care when we bring him to you."

Include a short sentence updating the vet on your pet's condition. Write, "Sparky is once again chasing balls in the backyard and going on his evening walks." Anyone who provides a professional service likes to know his efforts have resulted in a positive outcome.

Mention any other veterinary staff who you felt provided excellent service. This could be the front desk staff or a veterinarian's assistant. Remember, a veterinarian is also often the owner and boss of her practice. It is good to let her know she has hired excellent staff who also provided good care to your pet.

Close your thank-you note with a simple, "Thank you again for your kindness" or "With great appreciation." It is OK to say thank you several times in your note. Sign your name. If you want to add a touch of creativity, include your pet's name and children's name's if applicable.

Attach your thank-you note to a gift if you feel the vet's care and kindness extended well beyond the expected level of care for your pet. Do not feel compelled to include an expensive or extravagant gift. Flowers or small gift baskets are acceptable thank-you gifts. You can deliver them in person along with your thank-you note or have them delivered for you and send your note separately.

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