How to Use Skype Overseas

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Skype helps you keep in touch with friends and contacts no matter where they live. Skype-to-Skype chats, calls and video calls are free even if you're communicating with a contact halfway around the world. This doesn't change if you go overseas; you can still use these Skype features for free.

There are some differences, however, in using Skype overseas when you have set it up at home.

Open Skype. If you brought a laptop with you, Skype may sign you in automatically. If you are using a friend's computer or one in an Internet cafe, for example, this will not occur.

Examine the keyboard carefully if you did not bring your own computer and you must enter your Skype username and password. Not all keyboards across the world have the same set-up, which means that typing your information as normal may lead to a garbled result. Type your username and password carefully into the relevant fields once you are familiar with the keyboard, then click "Sign in."

Use Skype as normal for most tasks, including chatting with contacts via text and making calls to other Skype numbers.

You can call mobile or landline numbers in your home country if you have Skype credit. Be prepared, though, to pay a higher rate than normal for these calls; they are charged as international calls when you are abroad.