How to Remove Tape Marks From a Limestone Counter

Sticky residue left behind by tape is a messy inconvenience on any type of surface. If you have a limestone countertop, and have children who often work on crafts or school projects while sitting at the counter, it's possible that you may have tape marks on the counter at some point.

Removing them is simple with any number of household products that will loosen and lift the tape rather than force you to scrape the counter to remove the mark.

Pour some rubbing alcohol on the tape residue, then place a rag over the alcohol and allow it to soak for an hour. After an hour has elapsed, rub the taped area with the rag. The rubbing alcohol will have loosened the tape enough to remove it.

Drip a few drops of an ordinary kitchen cooking oil, such as vegetable, canola or olive oil, on the tape marks. Allow the oil to sit on the stained area for 2 hours, then rub the area with a cloth.

Spray a lubricant, such as WD-40, onto the tape and allow it to break down the tape for 5 minutes. Then, rub the area thoroughly with a cloth to remove the tape.

Rub the sticky area with an ordinary white eraser or a cleaning eraser, such as a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Depending on the severity of the mess, and the kind of tape that caused it, these methods can help break up the tape and clean the area.