How to Get Arrested in "Stick RPG2"

In XGen Studios' "Stick RPG 2," the player controls a stick figure who has fallen into an alternate dimension. Attempting to find a way back to her home dimension, the player can undertake a series of jobs to obtain money for items. Some of these jobs or items are not considered legal in this alternate dimension, and can result in the character's being arrested.

Buy "commodities." Having these commodities is illegal, and can result in the stick figure's arrest. While in possession of these commodities, talk to Narcotics Officer Dave and admit to having the commodities to be arrested.

Perform hitman jobs once they become available. These jobs have a high probability of resulting in jail time, as targets often have police escorts. If you miss your target, an arrest may result. To do the hitman jobs, the character must have at least 180 strength as well as negative karma. Find Vinnie at night outside of Vinnie's, near the Hawk Gun Shop. Vinnie provides you with hitman jobs if you meet the prerequisites for them.

Kill other sticks in the world. As killing other sticks is illegal, you run the risk of arrest when you do so. To kill someone, equip a weapon and click on the other person. When the dialogue/options box opens, choose to kill that person.

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