How to destroy candida biofilm

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The candida genus is a group of fungal organisms. Presence of candida in the human body is normal, but too much can cause problems including genital infections, chronic fatigue, nutritional deficiencies and lowered immunity. Biofilms are a complex build-up of microorganisms. They generate a self-protecting film of polymeric compounds. Examples of common biofilms are dental plaque and the slimy substance found in drains. Candida biofilms are resistant to antimicrobial/anti-fungal agents and are therefore difficult to destroy. Biofilms can infect biomaterials such as intravascular catheters, contact lenses and dental implants, posing potentially severe health problems, as the Bio News Online website explains.

Take QuantaBiotica. Anti-infectives and anti-candida agents commonly prescribed cannot effectively get inside the biofilm. This leaves the microorganisms free to mutate and become immune to them. QuantaBiotica, however, uses your immune system to break down the candida biofilm slowly. You cannot take QuantaBiotica without the supervision of a doctor who is board certified in quantum medicine by Dr. Paul Yanick (the founder and president of the American Association of Quantum Medicine).

Take two capsules of QuantaBiotica daily before breakfast.

Increase the dose if you experience pain in a particular organ such as your gallbladder or stomach, or if your symptoms suddenly alter considerably. If you weigh between 36.3 and 54.4kg., take three caps three times a day. If you are between 54.9 and 79.4kg, take five caps three times a day. Take seven caps three times daily if you weigh between 79.4 and 99.8kg. This increase in dose is a temporary measure.

Return to your normal dose of two QuantaBiotica capsules per day after five days.

Repeat the temporary dose increase as often as necessary throughout the treatment program.

Take your QuantaBiotica with meals if your doctor thinks that the biofilm is in your colon or small intestine. The food carries the medication further through your digestive system. If your doctor thinks the candida biofilm is higher up, in the stomach or gallbladder, for instance, take your medication between meals.

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