How to Test the Webcam and Microphone on an Acer Aspire One

Your Acer Aspire One laptop includes an integrated webcam and microphone. Both can be used to record audio and visual presentations to upload to video networking sites. You can also use this hardware to communicate with friends, family and co-workers over the Internet.

Prior to using your hardware, you may want to test its functionality. Test the webcam using the Acer Crystal Eye interface, and test your microphone using the Windows Microphone Setup Wizard.

Click Start. Type "Webcam" in "Search" box and press "Enter." This opens an Acer Crystal Eye webcam interface on your screen. If the camera is working properly, you should see yourself in real-time in a preview window located in the centre of the interface.

Test picture functionality by clicking the "Camera" icon at the bottom of the interface. If working properly, a thumbnail of the picture you just took appears at the bottom. Double-clicking the picture will display it in a new window on your screen.

Test the recording feature by clicking the "Camcorder" button at the bottom. If working properly, the preview window will flash and the icon will change. Press the "Camcorder" icon again to stop recording. A thumbnail of the recording you just took appears at the bottom. Double-clicking the thumbnail will open and play your recording in Windows Media Player.

Click "Start." Type "Microphone" in the "Search" box and press "Enter." This opens a "Microphone Setup Wizard" on the screen.

Click in the radio button next to the type of microphone you have, and click the "Next" button. This displays a screen containing more information about your microphone. Read the information about your microphone, and click the "Next" button. This opens an "Adjust the Volume of Microphone" wizard.

Test the functionality of your microphone by reading aloud the sentence provided on the dialogue. If your microphone is working properly, the green bar should move as you speak. Click the "Next" button once you have finished reading the sentence. This takes you to the "Your Microphone is Now Set Up" screen. Click the "Finish" button to close.