How to turn a person into a bronze statue in photoshop

Use Photoshop to turn a person's image into a bronze statue to make the person seem iconic, larger than life, or maybe distant and untouchable. Another reason to complete this project is to learn how to apply Photoshop's adjustment and fill layers. These tools let you change the colour and other aspects of a photo without actually changing the photo. Digital artists refer to this as "non-destructive" editing. One benefit of turning people into bronze statues is understanding how to use Photoshop's filters. Filters are software programs within Photoshop that apply special effects to a photo, such as highlights.

Click the "File" menu's "Open" command, and then navigate to and double-click a photo of a person whom you want to turn into a bronze statue. Photoshop will load the photo for you to edit.

Click the "Layer" menu's "New adjustment layer" sub-menu, and then click the "Black and white" command. This will make the photo appear to be in black and white.

Click the upper colour swatch at the bottom of the tool palette, and then click a bronze colour from the palette that appears. Alternatively, you can type the numbers "102," "51" and "0" for the "R," "G" and "B" text boxes. Click "OK" to finish selecting the colour.

Click the "Layer" menu's "New fill layer" sub-menu, and then click "Solid color." Type "52 percent" in the "Opacity" text box of the dialogue box that appears, and then click "OK." Changing the opacity of the fill layer enables your photo to appear through the layer.

Click the item in the "Layers" window whose thumbnail image shows your photo, and then click the "Filter" menu's "Artistic" sub-menu. Click the "Plastic wrap" filter. This filter adds highlights to your photo, as though the person in the photo were covered in plastic or another shiny material.

Drag the "Highlight" slider to the right to make the highlights in the "Preview" pane appear brighter. Drag the "Detail" slider to the right to create more highlights, and drag the "Smoothness" slider to the right to make the apparent forms on which the highlights sit more rounded. Click "OK" once the "Preview" image looks sufficiently metallic. You'll now see the completed bronze statue you made from the photo.

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