How to Find Someone That Doesn't Want to Be Found by Social Security Number

It can be distressing to know that someone you may have known doesn't want to be found. However, there are ways to look for that particular person. If you have the person's social security number, you can use various resources to find that person. When you are performing this task, make sure that you have legally obtained the social security number and that you are dealing with credible online resources and a licensed private investigator.

Perform a preliminary search with family and friends. If you have had a relationship with this person prior to his disappearance, you may have mutual friends and know his family. Ask a member of the person's family to assist you with obtaining the person's social security number.

Use an online search database to find the person. Databases such as Intelius, USA Trace and People Records allow you to search for someone using a social security number. Pay the website's fee to conduct your search for the person you are trying to find. The fee for each online search database varies.

Hire a private investigator to find the person. Give the person's social security number to the private investigator so she can perform a thorough investigation. A private investigator has the resources that may help find the person faster. Pay the fee requested by the private investigator to have her begin the investigation.

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