How to Make a 3D Butterfly

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There are thousands of different butterflies in the world, but you don't have to catch one to bring a 3D butterfly into your home. Keep the project attractive and budget friendly with low-cost materials, such as scrap foam shapes. The easy tasks and safe materials mean kids can also join in on the activity.

Trace an 8-inch-tall butterfly wing shape onto a black craft foam sheet. Cut the shape from the sheet with scissors. Trace the shape on the black foam sheet and cut again to create two matching wings. Place the wings on a protected work surface.

Cut assorted circles from any colour of foam sheets but black. Cut the circles in matching groups of four, so that if the front of the leftwing has a small yellow circle, then so does the back of the leftwing, the front of the rightwing and the back of the rightwing.

Glue assorted foam circles around the front of the leftwing to create a colourful pattern. Repeat the pattern on the front of the rightwing. Let glue dry.

Turn the wings over. Glue the foam circle design from the front of the wings onto the back left and rightwings. Let glue dry.

Turn the wings over so that the front faces up. Position the wings so that the narrow tips that connect to the body are just touching. Glue the craft stick, positioned vertically, where the wings touch to create a base for the butterfly body. Let glue dry.

Cut a 12-inch piece of string and tie it around the top of the craft stick. Tie the string ends together to create a loop for hanging the decoration.

Squeeze glue onto the lower-third of the craft stick, front and back. Press one pom-pom onto the back of the stick and one onto the front, squeezing the pom-poms together on the sides. Repeat the process with the middle-third of the stick and with the top-third. Place a heavy object, such as a plate, over the pom-poms to keep them pressed together as they dry. Let glue dry.

Remove plate from butterfly. Fluff the pom-poms back out. Hang the butterfly in a window or on a wall.

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