How to Remove the Door on a Miele Washer

Miele washers utilise a front-loading system for loading clothes into the washing machine. The doors are round and made of steel and glass. The hinge that secures the door to the front panel mounts to the backside of the panel.

Due to this fact, the process for removing the door from a Miele washer is a time-consuming task because you must remove the top front panel and the bottom front panel to gain access to the necessary bolts for removing the door hinge.

Open the door to the Miele washing machine and pry the three retaining clips off the face of the machine that align around the rubber seal secured to the door opening. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the clips.

Wedge the flathead screwdriver between the front of the machine and the rubber seal and peel the seal off the front panel. When completed, remove the wire rim located under the seal and leave the seal inside the washing machine.

Pull the control knob off the front control panel with your fingers and place the knob off to the side.

Pull out the detergent dispenser drawer located in the upper left corner of the machine, locate the release button on the top of the dispenser and remove the dispenser from the machine.

Remove the four machine screws on the face of the front panel made visible by removing the dispenser. Use Phillips-head screwdriver for this.

Pull the top half of the front panel off the machine. You may have to press the "Start" button to release the top part of the panel. Mark down where the wires connect on the top of the panel and then disconnect them.

Remove the six screws that secure the lower front panel -- the panel that holds the door. You will see three screws on top and three screws on the bottom. In addition, remove the two screws that hold the door lock in place. The door lock is located on the right side of the doorjamb. A Phillips-head screwdriver works for this task.

Pull the panel of the washing machine and turn it over so you can see the back.

Remove the two bolts that secure the door hinge to the back of the front panel with a wrench. Slide the door hinge and door out of the front panel.