How to Tint Your Glasses Images

Tinted glasses offer your eyes relief from bright glare and irritating fluorescent lights. During daytime drives in highly reflective areas, such as the coast or the desert, tinted eyeglasses keep your eyes relaxed, moist and alert. While replacement lenses with the colour tint of your choice can be purchased, they are often costly. Having your standard lenses tinted can also be expensive. With some clothing dye in the colour of your choice, you can tint your lenses in the comfort of your own home.

Pour one cup of water into a medium sized pot and bring to a simmer on a hob.

Add two tablespoons of black clothing dye and five drops of vinegar to the water. Reduce heat to the lowest setting.

Apply even pressure with your thumbs to the inside of your lenses until they pop out. Support the frames with your hands as you perform this step to avoid cracking your eyeglasses.

Place the lenses into the pot. Check the progress of the tint every ten minutes by lifting out the lenses with a strainer spoon.

Remove the lenses from the pot once you achieve the desired tint. Place them on a paper towel and allow the dye to cure for 24 hours.

Push the lenses back into their frames using pressure from your thumbs. The lenses should click audibly into place.

Moisten a microfiber cloth with lens cleaning solution. Rub the lenses using a gentle circular motion to remove any fingerprints, spots or stains.

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