How Do You Enable the Saxon Revolt in the "Age of the Empires 2: The Conquerers"?

"Age of Empires 2" has a wide variety of conquest scenarios, but one specific scenario is hidden from normal users. "The Saxon Revolt" is a special scenario developed for "Age of Empires 2" that cannot be unlocked through traditional in-game methods and instead requires you to dig around in the game files hidden on the disk. Once you have located this hidden scenario, you can load it into the "AOE" game and try your luck at earning a victory.

Insert the "Age of Empires 2" disk into your computer. If the game automatically loads, exit the game to return to your Windows desktop.

Hit the Windows key and "E" simultaneously to open the Windows browser.

Right-click the "Age of Empires" CD in your disk drive and select "Open."

Open the folder titled "Goodies." In this folder, you will find the Saxon Revolt scenario, as well as a readme file with instructions for enabling the add-on.

Follow the instructions provided in the readme file to set up the Saxon Revolt and load it into "Age of Empires 2."

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