How to Make Fake Glasses

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Create a pair of cardboard glasses to complete a costume or just for fun. Since cardboard bends, you won't have to worry about making a hinge to hold the ear pieces on either side to the front part. You decide on the shape and size of the cardboard glasses, as well as the colour they will be.

The materials you need to make a pair of fake glasses are probably already in your home.

Take an old pair of glasses apart and place the front piece on a piece of thick cardboard. Place the two ear pieces on either end of the front piece, extending straight out to the left and right, with 1/8-inch distance between the end of the ear piece and the sides of the front piece.

Trace the pieces on thick cardboard as all one piece. Add more thickness to the pieces if you want, by extending the outline to 1/8-inch all the way around the edges. Cut it out with scissors and cut the insides of the frames with a sharp utility knife.

Place the cut-out cardboard glasses on a sheet of cellophane in whatever colour you want. Trace around the inside of the frames with a dry erase marker on the cellophane. Cut along the traced line and erase the dry erase marker with a tissue.

Line the edges of the lenses up with the inside edges of the frames. Tape the edges together with small pieces of masking tape.

Colour the cardboard frames however you like with acrylic paint or markers. Bend the frames back to a 90-degree angle where the hinges would be --- where the sides of the front piece meets the ear pieces.