How to Delete a Location on a Garmin GPS

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With a Garmin GPS device, you'll never have to worry about finding a new restaurant, mall or cinema to enjoy. Garmin devices are loaded with points of interest, and when you are driving, you can enter a specific address for directions to your destination.

When you find a location you want to visit again, you can add it to your "Favorites" list. If you no longer want to store a certain address, you can delete it from the favourites list through the "Where To?" menu. You can also delete addresses from the "Recently Found" list.

Power on your Garmin GPS. After the device starts, tap "Where To?"

Tap "Favorites" if you want to delete an address you previously added to your favourites list. Tap a category.

Tap the address you want to delete, then tap "Delete" and "Yes."

Tap "Where To?" and "Recently Found" if you want to remove every address on this list. The list stores the last 50 locations you found with the Garmin.

Tap "Clear" and then tap "Yes" to delete the entire "Recently Found" list.