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How to Turn Off the Child Lock on a Sony DVD VCR

Updated February 21, 2017

Owners of select Sony DVD/VCR combo players have the option to set parental controls that restrict certain media from playing without first entering a password. This feature is beneficial if you wish to prevent children from watching DVDs or tapes that contain material unsuitable for them. Owners can enable and disable the lock again based on user preference. Although each DVD/VCR model may vary slightly, the parental control feature settings are similar among models.

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  1. Press the "Stop" button on the remote to stop the DVD/VCR player if it is currently playing.

  2. Press the "Set Up" button the remote. The Set Up menu appears on the TV screen.

  3. Press the Up and Down arrows of the remote to select "DVD Setup" and press "Enter." The DVD Setup menu appears on the TV screen.

  4. Press the Up and Down arrows on the remote to select "Parental," and then press the "Enter" button.

  5. Use the left and right arrows to select "No" under "Use Password" and press "Enter" to save your changes.

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