How to Draw a Warrior Angel

Christof Koepsel/Photodisc/Getty Images

Apply the notion of schema to the way you approach a drawing. Schema means a preconceived notion. Whether it is from the Bible, cartoons or the study of art, we all have a preconceived notion of what an angel looks like. Likewise, we have an idea, or schema, of a warrior, or many types of warriors.

We may not, however, have a ready idea for a warrior angel. Bring together schemata of warriors and angels to fashion a powerful warrior angel.

Study images of angels and write down the first things that jump out at you. You may write down the idea of a halo, wings or white robes. These ideas are your schema for the image of an angel.

Study images of a warrior and write down your warrior schema ideas. Choose a style and era of warrior that inspires you. You may chose a Trojan era soldier, martial artist or modern U.S. Marine.

Study figure drawing to build the body of the warrior angel. A person stands at the height of eight of their own heads and their shoulders are the width of two of their heads laid on their side. Human eyes are in the exact middle of the head. The proportions help to construct a more believable warrior angel.

Draw your written down schema ideas individually on scrap paper and illustrate each. Develop techniques for drawing angel wings, swords and armour individually before melding the ideas into the final image.

Begin to draw the warrior angel on a new sheet of paper with a light drawing pencil using light strokes. The light initial sketch helps you build the image into deeper and darker tones while still being able to erase your mistakes. You can draw over the light pencil with ink or coloured pencil as well.

Look at the drawing to see if you are satisfied and the drawing effectively communicates a warrior angel.

Draw more warrior angels using a different set of schema until you develop the approach you like best.